Legal Manipulations Can Protect Property Here

April 19, 2004
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With so many people, ranging from the common property thief to the tax man, trying to take your property away from you, why not fight back and protect yourself with legal fences to keep the bad guys out. Here are a few ways: Corporations or limited partnerships, called SRLs in this country, can be created […]

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Registry Law Creates Chance to Steal Property

April 12, 2004
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By Garland M. Baker Special to A.M. Costa Rica Most people are unaware of the changes to the property registration laws at the Registro Nacional or National Registry which were modified last year. However, these changes have opened the doors to shysters preying on the innocent. Costa Rica’s registry laws are over 100 years old. […]

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Following The Rules Is Way to Protect Property

March 23, 2004

Property is registered here in Zapote The Web page is Horror stories abound of property owners not doing their homework or, expressed in legal terms, their due diligence, and losing their property to unscrupulous third parties, including squatters and/or the tax authorities. The correct registration of a property is the most important element in […]

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Big Guanacaste Bridge Has Long-Term Implications

January 12, 2004
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Tourists and vendors take advantage of the rest area near the Puente Amistad on the Río Tempisque. The Puente Tempisque Amistad Taiwan or Tempisque Friendship Taiwan Bridge is much more than just that. The viewing area is a place for tourists to take pictures, and motorists can see hundreds of people gazing at the structure […]

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Tax Form D-175 Represents Catch-22 For Filers

November 27, 2003

Individuals who own companies face a Catch-22 situation when they decide what they will do with the D-175 tax form. A November 10, 2003 article explained how this year’s tax form D-175 is a sting operation, of sorts, by Tributación Directa, the Costa Rican tax authority. The idea is to catch all those companies not […]

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Special Corporate Tax Form Hides Real Motive

November 10, 2003

Have you ever read that the police sent out letters or placed classified ads offering some phony promotion to catch criminals or parking ticket violators? This year Costa Rica’s tax form D-175 is a sting operation of sorts, too. For many years, in fact since the beginning of transferring property began in Costa Rica, a […]

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Flaws in File May Cost You Your Property

October 14, 2003

On Nov. 22, all annotations over one year old will expire and be purged at the Registro Nacional, Costa Rica’s national registry of properties. This could affect you and your property if for some reason its title is not clear or fully registered. Here’s a little background. On Nov. 22, 1998, a new notary law […]

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