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How to get access to U.S. movies on TV the easy way

by Garland M Baker on August 5, 2013

Expats living in Costa Rica would love to watch U.S. movies, shows, and sports on their home televisions. Hotels and bed & breakfast owners would like to offer the same to their guests. Travelers would like to access their favorites from home while visiting the country.

An article July 1 outlined how to use a VPN, a virtual private computer network, to accomplish this goal. There is another way, and for many, a simpler means to unblock U.S. sites like Netflix, Hulu plus and HBO GO to name a few.

This system is not secure like a VPN, but it has great benefits. It can be applied to almost any smart device or any router in a network.  What does this mean?  It means that any device connected to the network can access the unblocked content.  In other words, at home, changing the DNS on the home network unblocks all the TVs and any other connected device. In a household, the adults can be watching a movie on Netflix while the kids are watching cartoons on Hulu plus.

This method involves nothing more than changing the DNS numbers in a device like an iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, or TV interface like Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, WD TV or a Boxee Box.

DNS is the translation system used by the Internet to change names like into numbers – which is what computers understand.  Whenever anyone types a Web address, for example, into a browser, the request is first sent to a DNS server for translation into a number.  This reference number is like a street address. It is returned to the person requesting the address so the Internet can find the destination.

All devices connected to the Internet use DNS and have a place in them where the numbers can be changed. Yes, numbers, usually there are two.  The primary DNS and the secondary.  However, companies like Apple are now opting to use only one, the primary.

Enough with the tech!  Most people just want the results. Unblocked movies.  There are many companies out there offering DNS network tunneling.  To name a few: is 100 percent free,,, and

UnoTelly and Unblock-US have free trials.  In testing these companies, Tunlr did not work very well. It is free, so one gets what one pays for in this case.  UnoTelly and Unblock-US work similarly well with the latter successfully unblocking Netflix, Hulu plus, and HBO GO.  StrongDNS was a disappointment.  Its VPN service is among the best in the industry. However, its DNS service just does not make the grade. This is the conclusion after spending hours with their technical support trying to get the system to work. worked great from the start. Instructions were easy to understand and implement.

HBO GO is different from Netflix and Hulu plus. The service requires a subscription to cable TV in the United States and a cable service offering HBO GO. When connecting with an Apple TV, the TV presents an authorization code, which needs to be put into a computer to validate the service.  An expat in the U.S. provided his cable account information to test the system.  It worked perfectly.

All this blocking by media companies has to do with geographical restrictions on content as explained July 1. There is so much more content available in the U.S. that most people want to unblock these sites. However, unblocking also works for the United Kingdom to watch the BBC and other channels.  Some services also offer other countries for those wanting to access their home content. A person needs to review the information provided by unblock services to see what they offer.

Using unblocking may violate the terms of service agreements of the content providers, but are not illegal to use.  Netflix, Hulu plus and HBO GO are paid services so one is paying for what they receive and needs to have an account to use the media. What is avoided is the different pricing models base on a person’s location.

Not convinced?  It is very easy to try everything stated here for free.  Netflix offers a one month trial.  Hulu plus a week, unless you go to this secret web place offering two months. UnoTelly offers an eight-day trial. Unblock-US offers a seven-day trial with no credit card required, just an email address.

In conclusion, want to watch some favorite movies or TV series free for the next week?  Step one, an important step, sign up for Unblock-US using only an email address.  Step two. Change the DNS numbers to the numbers provided by the service.

Turn the device you are using off and then on again.  It is important to do this before step three because you want the next step to think you are in the U.S.  Step three. Sign up for a free trial to Netflix or Hulu plus.  Step four. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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