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Learn almost anything online. Free!

Free online sites CAN teach old dogs new tricks

Aging expats do not need to be sticks in the mud when confronted with modern information and technologies. Neither do youngsters. Some already know the secret and come to Costa Rica to play and study. Today there is no excuse not to learn what one wants or … Read Full Article


Real estate market shows signs of improvement

Up and down the coast of Guanacaste, real estate circles are buzzing with talk that properties are selling again and that there are buyers in the market. Linda Gray, vice president of Coldwell Banker Costa Rica, which includes 10 franchises said, “Real … Read Full Article

Some expats find that mortgages can boost income

Some expat retirees in Costa Rica are giving mortgages to others in order to supplement their retirement incomes. Generating a nice extra sum is possible if ones finds the right debtor because interest rates are high in Costa Rica. Finding the borrower is … Read Full Article

Like Me Facebook

Turning likes into money by the (Face)book

People engaged in business all over the world use Facebook and other social media services to reach customers. Facebook statistics are impressive indeed. Many are not aware that older people use Facebook, too. It is not just for the young. The numbers among … Read Full Article


Got a problem? Facebook is where the action is

Government institutions in Costa Rica are usually impossible to reach on the telephone.  Sometimes the phone just rings and rings. Other times one gets a phone tree that states "dial 'this' for 'that.'"  If “that” answers, usually it knows nothing about the … Read Full Article


Conflicting maps may jeopardize land ownership

This is the time to have a trusted surveyor second check to see if there are overlaying maps on any property owned in Costa Rica. If there are contradicting maps, the uncertainty could soon cause big trouble. Around three years ago, the Registro Nacional … Read Full Article


Digital push at Registro opens door to crooks

Expats and everyone else holding assets in Costa Rica should check the documents pertaining to their properties as soon as possible to be sure everything is in order. Asset thefts are on the rise because of the digitalization of documents throughout the … Read Full Article


Employee revenge can spell doom to a company

Today’s employee could be a company’s worst enemy tomorrow. If an employee turns, some will do as much harm as they can to their employer. There are three important rules to finding and keeping a good employee: selection, training and remuneration. Even … Read Full Article